Joy, for now

14 - 31 January 2022

To coincide with Singapore Art Week, Opera Gallery is pleased to present Joy, for now, a selection of new works by British artist George Morton-Clark, in his first solo exhibition in Singapore.


Born in 1982 in Tooting, South London, British artist George Morton-Clark utilises oil, acrylic, and charcoal on unprimed, usually large canvases to bring his characters to life. With a combination of bold images and strong colours, his paintings and sculptures are immersed in an abstract atmosphere of energy and liveliness. Drawing his inspiration from films, music, his travels and pop imagery, he combines abstract elements with figurative, working in expressionistic techniques. He is wary of complacency and constantly strives to move his work in a new direction, resulting in his art becoming a mixture of a variety of styles, each time challenging the way that we experience it. Morton-Clark's artworks draw on the nostalgic and universal connection that we all have to his cartoonish figures in a quest to connect to everyday life. While the characters evoke a collection of emotions and expressions from surprise to fear, we are engulfed in a state of curiosity, which the artist responds to with an ambiguous simplicity. His artwork is simply a gift to the viewer, a small window of relaxation and simple enjoyment that can use to their heart's content.


Join us in an exploration of George Morton-Clark’s world of infinite possibilities, and together let’s rethink the simple, everyday joy, for now.