Jean Charles Blais, Spring / Summer

26 May - 15 June 2023

Opera Gallery Paris is pleased to present Spring / Summer, a monographic exhibition by french artist Jean Charles Blais.


Showcasing the latest creations of the artist, the exhibition will feature paintings on the reverse side of posters that glued together resemble to enormous notebooks depicting silhouettes torn between embrace and escape, surrounded by an environment tamed by plants, leaves, and tree roots. Blais' works are known for their agitated figures that transform and merge, often conveying the recurring theme of race. His multiple sources of inspiration are represented in the work of Henri Matisse (notably The Bather, which was later interpreted by Kazimir Malevich) and Philip Guston. These influences lead him to forge his own artistic repertoire and depictions of the human body. Thus, Jean-Charles Blais gives birth to forms both modern and audacious, unique and elusive.