Jean Charles Blais

24 January - 16 February 2024


Opera Gallery Geneva proudly presents a solo exhibition featuring recent works by French artist Jean Charles Blais.


Renowned for his unique approach using torn advertising posters as his canvas, Blais' artistic journey is marked by a poetic and painterly sensibility, exploring the depth of these weathered surfaces. Through intuitive exploration, he uncovers figures within torn shapes, crafting an emotional narrative that melds with the material itself. Dominated by black and blue hues, his compositions evoke visual and psychological depth, portraying faceless silhouettes that evoke a range of emotions from melancholy to hope, tenderness, companionship, and occasionally, loss or absence.


Jean Charles Blais' paintings reveal intricate narratives quietly, enticing viewers to look beyond the surface. Each glimpse uncovers hidden layers, demanding multiple views to grasp the depth within the form.

Exhibition photography © Kelly de Geer