Jae Ko: 'Changing Seasons'

14 March - 20 April 2024

Opera Gallery New York is proud to present the captivating exhibition, 'Changing Seasons', featuring the new works by Jae Ko. From March 14 to April 20, viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Ko's profound exploration of nature's force, rhythm, and the inexorable passage of time.


Ko's studio, strategically located near the convergence of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, provides her with an intimate connection to the dynamic interplay of fresh and saltwater, natural histories, and human stories. The exhibition reflects her deep contemplation of the ever-changing landscapes influenced by water's erosion and deposition, the rhythmic tides, and the evolving textures brought forth by different seasons.


Born in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, Ko's early life was shaped by the concrete jungles of late-twentieth-century cities. Her artistic journey led her from Seoul to Tokyo and eventually to the East Coast of the United States. The shift in surroundings from bustling metropolises to the serene landscapes of the Mid-Atlantic profoundly impacted Ko's artistic evolution.


The artist's connection to nature transcends art historical influences, drawing parallels to the post-war Japanese Gutai movement and the American Post-Minimalists. However, Ko's primary inspiration remains rooted in nature, as she draws on her observations of the world around her rather than art history.


At the heart of Ko's exhibition are her sculptures, born from the delicate dance between white adding machine tape and vibrant inks. Submerged in baths of calligraphic and sumi inks, the absorbent paper emerges in a stunning array of velvety violets, effulgent ultramarines, mossy greens, and endless crimsons. The sculptures, with their organic contours, echo the hues found in nature—peacock tails, flower petals, and the depths of remote forests.


'Changing Seasons' is a celebration of Jae Ko's extraordinary ability to transform raw materials into ethereal expressions of nature's power and beauty. We invite you to immerse yourselves in the exhibition, where each work tells a story of resilience, adaptability, and the ever-changing seasons of life.

Jae Ko, JK2196 Ultramarine Blue 50786, 2023, Rolled paper, sumi ink, pigmented ink in steel frame, 48.5 x 90 x 3 in | 123,2 x 228,6 x 7,6 cm (each panel: 48.5 x 22.5 x 3 in | 123,2 x 57,2 x 7,6 cm)