In my Element

15 December - 05 January 2024

Opera Gallery Beirut proudly presents "In my Element," an exquisite exhibition showcasing the visionary creations of four remarkable artists: Jose Cháfer, Thierry Martenon, Michel Abboud, and Mouna Rebeiz.


Each artist offers a distinct perspective, inviting us into the depths of their artistic minds and inviting us to appreciate the finesse of their craftsmanship. This exhibition transcends boundaries, connecting realms and awakening our senses to the profound beauty found in their sculptures.


Jose Cháfer's sculptures breathe life into raw materials, drawing inspiration from the intricate forms and colors of nature. Through his skillful manipulation of wood, he invites viewers on a journey through nature's rhythmic cycles, embodying growth, transformation, and renewal.


Thierry Martenon's creations harmonize tangible substances with boundless imagination, crafting captivating vessels for light through abstract and textured forms in wood. His sculptures transcend physicality, narrating stories through an exploration of volume and void that seamlessly blend shape and form.


Michel Abboud's sculptures captivate with their equilibrium and balance, portraying the impact of the digital world on our society through meticulously arranged cubes. Despite the use of digital tools in their design, each piece is meticulously handcrafted, blurring boundaries between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art.


Mouna Rebeiz, known for her fusion of figurative and abstract styles, skillfully captures the energy of life in her artwork. Her sculptures present contemporary interpretations of totems, resonating deeply with viewers on an emotional level.


"In my Element" is an invitation to engage in a wordless dialogue, offering solace and inspiration through the boundless realm of artistic exploration. This exhibition aims to evoke contemplation, inspiration, and a renewed sense of wonderment as visitors navigate through the captivating works of these exceptional artists.

"In my Element" exhibition views at Opera Gallery Beirut, 2023 © Mansour Dib