Hartung. Mathieu. Helton.

08 - 24 November 2019

Opera Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition of artists John Helton, Hans Hartung and George Mathieu, for the first time. The great Post-War painters of European abstraction provide an influential precedent that still reverberates in our time.

This show offers a rare view of the gestural line of Hartung and Mathieu, expanding out across time and geography up to Helton. Allusions to musical rhythm, Eastern calligraphy, characters, and other symbolism tie these artists to the field of written expression. Also evident is a shared preoccupation of rendering motion and energy. Their wide repertoire of painted scrawls, scratches, brushwork and splodges finds a fresh vantage alongside Helton’s deftly balanced dynamic forms.

Opera Gallery New York invites you to experience the unique works of these influential artists and be part of their dialogue weaved through this unprecedented exhibition.