Georges Mathieu in Singapore

21 October - 14 November 2021

Opera Gallery is delighted to present Chu Teh-Chun in Hong Kong and Georges Mathieu in Singapore. The Chu Teh-Chun exhibition celebrates the opening of the new gallery space in Hong Kong. Along with Georges Mathieu in Singapore, both shows highlight and establish a dialogue between two masters of European Lyrical Abstraction. The exhibitions will be on view from 21st October to 14th November 2021. 


Two of the biggest names in Abstract Art, Chu Teh-Chun and Georges Mathieu have historically and perpetually taken the art world by storm. If Mathieu’s paintings epitomise lyricism, risk-taking and speed, Chu’s works are lively representations of beauty and spirituality.


Opera Gallery welcomes you to both Chu Teh-Chun in Hong Kong and Georges Mathieu in Singapore and invites you to explore this symphonic dialogue between both artists – one about sentimentality, spirituality and musicality.