From Nature to Culture. An Insight into Contemporary Korean Art

12 - 26 October 2018

Following on from ‘REgeneration — Perspectives on Contemporary Korean Art’ our first Parisian exhibition dedicated to Korea held three years ago, we continue our discover y of the specificity of the contemp orar y Korean artistic scene with this second selection titled ‘From Nature to Culture — An Insight into Contemporary Korean Art’.

The Exhibition covers trends ranging from traditional Korean art up to the Dansaekhwa Movement of the 1970s, or the Minjung Misol from the 1980s onwards. The artists that Opera Galley invites you to discover, or rediscover, forge their work from an extremely subtle cultural legacy. In a constant state of flux between tradition and innovation. This selection of artists helps to define a new creative and cultural stasis which questions the physical and philosophical limits of its own legacy and identity. Whether using classical materials like oil paint, ink, ‘Hanji’ paper made from the Korean mulberry tree, or less expected industrial materials like cycle chains, steel nails, polycarbonate or copper piping, these creations are generally marked by a calm sense of minimalist clarity.