Fernando Botero in Singapore

22 April - 15 May 2022

Opera Gallery Singapore is delighted to present Fernando Botero, an exclusive solo exhibition of more than twenty sculptures and paintings.


Born in Medellín in 1932, Fernando Botero is one of the most famous contemporary Latin American artists alive. Best known for his paintings and sculptures of smooth inflated shapes, Fernando Botero constantly searches to give volume presence and reality by using exaggerated and voluptuous forms. So famed was this stylisation, that it was later given its own life and termed "Boterismo".

Botero brings his own interpretation to the aesthetics of our time – whether it is a scene of the circus, still life, a casual moment, or a reinterpretation of the masterpieces in art history… At the eye of the storm there is a sense of universality in the way the subject matter is portrayed, with a Latin American spirit as Botero sees it. With the art world in the 50s turning away from figurative expression, it is commendably refreshing that Botero looked to the expansion of volume and scale, painting each one of his canvases ablaze in colour and curves; creating sculptures with equal mastery – purposeful, powerful, passionate and paramount.


Opera Gallery invites you to experience Fernando Botero’s universe of mysterious places, people, objects; and their moments of wonder that Botero captures ever so brilliantly and abundantly.