Ellen Von Unwerth Beauté Fatale

21 September - 12 October 2018

Ellen von Unwerth’s 'Beauté Fatale' is her second solo exhibition with Opera Gallery.

Here, we continue to explore the full range and complexity of her work, featuring a series of works which reflects the full scope and versality of von Unwerth’s photography. The eye travels through images in black and white to colour, immersed in a world filled with iconic celebrities and decadent revelry. Each image balances Ellen von Unwerth’s technical mastery with extraordinary and provocative theatrical exuberance. Through her lense, Ellen von Unwerth captures vivid moments which bring to life the seductive muse.

Her unique vision and a strong, confident and unabashed female gaze, ensures that her subjects are presented as spirited, sensual but also fiercely independent. This emancipated representation of the feminine is key to her work and an important aspect that we are very proud to present.