David Kim Whittaker, The Monstrosities & The Love, part 1

02 June - 01 July 2023

Opera Gallery London is delighted to present David Kim Whittaker solo exhibition ‘The Monstrosities & The Love”- Part 1 from 2 June – 1 July. The Monstrosities & The Love is the first chapter of a major two-part exhibition by acclaimed British artist, David Kim Whittaker held at Opera Gallery London.


The paintings are selected by Whittaker from a major body of work made over the past three years during a time of unprecedented challenge, suffering and learning for us all. Whittaker’s transcendent works are ‘born’ into families, reflecting the kaleidoscopic mind of the artist as they attempt to make sense of an increasingly complex world, and our confused and conflicted existence within it. Whittaker’s approach in general could be seen as a poetic form of psychological collage, where our collective experience is torn apart, scattered and then reassembled. The resultant images, often resembling a head-like form, become powerful sentinels.