Cho Sung-Hee | My Treasured Garden

19 May - 18 June 2022

Opera Gallery Dubai is delighted to present the very first solo show of Cho Sung-Hee in the region, titled My Treasured Garden.


Born in South Korea, Cho Sung-Hee is an artist who explores the complex relationship between colour and texture through a long and painstaking process. Her works, whether monochrome or multicoloured, strive for pure beauty and harmony. The painstaking collage process transports the artist to her intensely joyful childhood, a reference to happy child memories and playing in her father’s garden. This painstaking work is a curative and cathartic process, where the material meets an ideal, that of her childhood garden.


My Treasured Garden is an evocation of her most cherished memory, this garden. Her father always taught her to care for and cherish the trees, and her mother let her paint the garden flowers that inspired her on their walls. The artist takes you on a meditative journey, in which she brings to life what permeated her childhood, the notion of pure, spiritual beauty found in nature, especially the one she grew up with. Abstraction is indeed the best way for the artist to convey the fullness, the “pure beauty, which puts the viewer in a pure state of contemplation and reminiscence”.


While the idea of having a garden in the desert might be counter-intuitive, Opera Gallery Dubai is pleased to bring this concept to life, taking its collectors throughout a beautiful garden enhanced by various scents. We take pride in bringing a small patch of nature in the middle of the Dubai International Financial Center, a decisively urban environment.


We hope you will find much beauty and pleasure in this solo exhibition, which presents an artist at the forefront of Contemporary Korean Art.