Cho Sung-Hee, Jardin Suspendu

24 May - 26 June 2024

Opera Gallery Paris is pleased to present ‘Jardin Suspendu’ (Suspended Garden), a solo exhibition by Seoul-based artist Cho Sung-Hee from 24 May - 26 June, 2024. Inspired by the gardens from her home country of Korea, this show will provide for an intimate journey into the artist’s childhood. Cho Sung-Hee is continuously inspired by the natural beauty of nature and that is the invisible thread holding all of her art works together.


In constructing the surface of her works, Sung-Hee uses a collage method in which many circles are hand-cut or gently torn from traditional hanji paper, then layered with oil pigments and placed one atop another. Sung-Hee successfully combines a traditional Korean sensibility with her unique vision and personal narrative. Her works explore the complex relationship between colour and texture through a labour intensive, time-consuming process. Indeed, the intricacy of the artist’s creative process ultimately is a mirror to both the intricacies of nature and the human mind.


‘Jardin Suspendu’ invites the viewer to not only be transported to Cho Sung-Hee’s childhood but to also immerse themselves in a conversation between her past and present selves. The motif of the garden is used in her practice to provide a framework of metaphorical representation of collected thoughts and memories. The artist states “I have a garden suspended in my mind that contains lost childhood’s paradise and the memories of purity, comfort, tenderness, happiness and joy.” The innumerable circles of paper in her artworks, reflect her thoughts.


Join us at Opera Gallery Paris this May through June 2024 as we showcase a selection of mesmerising new works from Cho Sung-Hee.

Photo by Studio SLB