BOTERO - A Love Letter to Latin America

05 - 27 December 2023

Opera Gallery Miami is pleased to present ‘A Love Letter to Latin America,’ a solo exhibition honoring the ubiquity of Latin America’s intrinsic role in shaping the oeuvre of Fernando Botero (1932-2023.) Featuring 18 paintings and 9 sculptures, this exhibition commemorates Botero’s singular artistic vision and innumerable contributions to both art history and Latin American culture at large. 

As a visual poet of daily life, Botero’s pioneering figurative artworks, still life paintings and sculptures serve as vivid portrayals of the characters and scenes Botero encountered throughout his life. “A Love Letter to Latin America” presents a selection of works that demonstrate–in both subtle and deliberate ways–the tremendous influence of Latin American culture on Botero and conversely, Botero’s advocacy for Latin America’s representation within the canon of art history. 


Photos ©Gabriel Volpi: Views of the exhibition