Asian Art

15 - 30 March 2019

On the occasion of Asia Week New York, Opera Gallery presents an unprecedented exhibition featuring three major contemporary Asian artists: Zhuang Hong-Yi (China), Yoo Bong Sang and Cho Sung-Hee (Korea).

Through the turmoil of the past century, generations of Asian artists went to study in Europe or the United States and in turn returned home with what they encountered abroad. Each of the three exhibited artists of this show share this experience. Their understanding of the world is nuanced and formed by these different vantage points, that are, in turn, reflected in their art. This selection of works represents the age of mechanical reproduction but also tries to transcend it. Each artist presented is a master of matter and manipulates it to elucidate an aspect of the world around us. 

These three artists shown in this exhibition stand out with their works incorporating unique and subtle textures, which help to create idiosyncratic, irregular and organically harmonious artworks. Whether using classical materials like oil paint, ink, ‘Hanji’ (made from mulberry tree pulp) and rice paper or less traditional, industrial materials such as steel nails, metal or wood, these creations are generally marked by a calm sense of minimalist clarity.