Anthony James - Let There be Light

01 - 18 October 2020

Light has always been an essential component of artistic expression. Through the imagination and creativity of the artist, it can become a fundamental tool of creation.


This illuminating exhibition sheds a new light on one of the contemporary masters of this element. Opera Gallery Singapore is proud to present this curated selection of the unique works of art by Anthony James.


In a cosmic fusion of art, science and mathematics, James’s work gestures towards minimalism and experimentation with light and space. Echoing Euclidian geometry and Platonic solids, his iconic sculptures provide an artistic rendition of Plato’s theory of perfection of geometry and mathematical precision. His works are an illuminated threshold of metal, mirror and light, giving a glimpse into infinity. His other works are an exploration into metal and its unique textures.


This unique, previously unseen series establishes him as an all-rounded Contemporary artist who is able to create a vast spectrum of artworks in an ever-expanding aesthetic.