Anthony James | Divine Infinity

31 March - 04 May 2022

Opera Gallery New York is proud to present Divine Infinity, a curated exhibition of works of art by Anthony James, presented for the first time in New York and created specifically for this exhibition. Spanning over three floors, this illuminating solo exhibition sheds new light on the contemporary master Anthony James.


Anthony James is a celebrated British-American artist defined by his multidimensional artworks appearing in museums, exhibitions and private collections around the world. In a fusion of art, philosophy, and mathematics, James’s body of work is a meditation on space, light, and the possibility of infinity, transporting viewers into the future and beyond, into an infinite dialogue of mirrored precision.


“I’ve tried to visually demonstrate the colossally vast and the infinitesimally small — the cosmos and the divinity inside oneself. I’ve tried to give infinity an objective existence by making it tactile. My intention is for people to witness infinity, divinity, within themselves. the work is by its very nature pluralistic and multi-layered inviting a depth of viewing outward as much as a depth of viewing inward.” — Anthony James