Anne Blanchet

01 December - 06 January 2024

For the inaugural edition of our invited artists series, where Opera Gallery Geneva offers artists the opportunity to curate their own exhibitions, we are thrilled to introduce Swiss artist, Anne Blanchet.

The works chosen for the show by the artist are her Light Drawings. These works, which Anne Blanchet decided to showcase mostly against a backdrop of grey walls, feature delicate incisions in white acrylic glass sheets, revealing light that initiates a constant transformation within the artwork. The artist also chose to grace the gallery space with a unique installation. Nestled in a totally black room, several lights are programmed to illuminate at different angles a Light Drawing hung on the wall. The light enters the translucent material, is reflected there and evolves sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, in fades or in contrasts evoking a sensation akin to «visual music.»

In her creations, Blanchet adeptly conveys the interplay between shadows and light, seamlessly blending transparent simplicity with captivating enchantment. Her creations are not static surfaces but rather subject to constant change, sometimes hovering on the edge of perception.

Anne Blanchet’s body of work serves as a catalyst for contemplation, inviting viewers to explore the subtleties of perception that straddle the boundary between reality and illusion. As spectators engage with her art, they are compelled to reconsider their perceptions, transitioning from fascination to introspection. They find themselves immersed in a serene, meditative atmosphere that elicits a feeling of uncertainty. What initially seemed straightforward and evident transforms into something disquieting. The discerning eye realizes that the demarcation between sharpness and diffusion can be remarkably subtle.

Anne Blanchet possesses a unique talent for intertwining intellect, emotion, and the material world in her artistic expressions.

Exhibition photographs © Gérald Friedli