Andy Denzler | Out of the Dark

25 March - 21 April 2022

Opera Gallery Paris is delighted to host a second exhibition of one of today’s most renowned contemporary Swiss artists, Andy Denzler. Titled Out of the Dark, the show presents a new series comprising twenty-two paintings executed in his Zurich studio in 2021 and 2022.

In this new opus, Andy Denzler pursues his exploration of motion, time and the human figure as the core concerns of his art. He has created a series of intimate portraits in private interiors, as well as outdoor scenes made up of various elements assembled together. In his portraits, which mirror today’s society, the artist captures his characters emotional state and introspective stance. A certain fragility and a great silence exude from these figures that appear to fade, inevitably evoking the passing of time. In more complex scenes, Denzler also plays with our perception and leads us to question a different reality. Calling on his own memories, he composes surreal collages in which snatches of everyday life merge.

We invite our collectors and visitors to immerse themselves in Andy Denzler’s universe, take the time to converse with his paintings and thus explore the relationship between human nature and its materiality on the surface of a canvas.