Andy Denzler - Fractured

29 October - 21 November 2020

Opera Gallery Geneva is pleased to present Fractured, a solo exhibition featuring recent works by Swiss artist Andy Denzler. We are creatures of habit, accustomed to living life with certain established routines. Being forced into lockdown for a few months has turned our lives upside down, has fractured our patterns and rhythms and has urged us to adapt in a short time to new ways of living. Caught in a strange time loop, this period of isolation has compelled the artist, like many of us, into an intense state of introspection and has resulted in his creating this series of highly charged canvases.


Denzler’s body of work places emphasis on elements of painting and erasure, gesture and removal, distortion and reality and thrives on the ambiguity between figurative and abstract, including some elements of chance. In this recent series, his visual language is asserted by leaving areas of the canvas totally bare, contrasting strongly with the paint-covered areas, thus suggesting the profound fracture this crisis has created in our society. Our everyday world has grown smaller. Cut off from people and places outside our homes, we have been forced to rediscover our immediate environment, which has become our safe haven. Denzler has portrayed the psychological states of the sitters in their intimate surroundings, as they engage in a moment of reflection and pause to introspect. Faces and bodies are abstracted through his unique painterly poetic language, mirroring our current conflicted states of being. However, acknowledging that something is fractured is the first step in working towards healing