André Brasilier, Recent Works

15 March - 12 April 2023

Opera Gallery expects 2023 to be a very special and exciting year for many reasons, and one is the retrospective of André Brasilier currently ongoing in Opera Gallery Seoul. Born in 1929 in Saumur, France, Brasilier still maintains an active studio practice despite his age of 94. Widely regarded as the last heir of the maestros from the golden age of French art, the show overviews the eight decades of his painting career, of which he entrusted a significant period to Opera Gallery. He is an everlasting companion of our gallery and someone we wholeheartedly respect, and it is an incredible honor for us to host his large scale retrospective in Seoul.


The fact that he has worked as a painter for almost eight decades and is still continuing is astonishing on its own, but what amazes us further is the fact that the nonagenarian has never lost his faith in painting, the firm belief that painting could always sing our world and our lives in a language of beauty. And the stories he tells us in the language of painting are about the wondrous changes in nature and the passing of seasons, the beauty of animals and living beings, and pure awe for life. His eyes are always searching for such discoveries and the brilliance, euphoria, bliss, and harmony they present. This is the way of his life. Brasilier has consistently held that the painting’s role is to ignite a vigorous will for life within the viewer, and this is where his lifelong pursuit of the female figure, sunset, forest, horses, music, and painterly beauty originates from. The painting is a way for him to make dynamic statements of life and a tireless endeavor to exchange living emotions.