American Icons

16 - 31 March 2018

'American Icons' is an opportunity to focus the spotlight on the buzzling post-war period that formed the artistic avantgarde and defined the "American Dream". A number of artists from Europe, Asia and elsewhere migrated to the United States, looking for cultural emancipation and an inspiring jolt for their creations and them as individuals. Native and adopted American artists, now renowned and praised by the public and institutions alike, have all benefited from their experience in this brave New World.

On the path of self-discovery and that of the other, from Donald Judd to Keith Haring byway of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat or George Condo, those artists have all left their own marks in art history and the market of contemporary art with their unseen creations, inscribed deeply in a hegemonic society. Such as a journey between New York and Paris, this exhibition is an occasion for us to come back to those artists who have also been a part of Opera Gallery’s history for more than twenty years.