Antonio SEGUI


Antonio SEGUI

Antonio Seguí was born in Córdoba, Argentina.

In 1951 he went to France and studied painting and sculpture there and in Spain. At the age of 23, he had his first solo exhibition in Argentina. In 1963 he moved to Paris, where he now lives. Seguí has had individual exhibitions in museums and galleries in countries throughout the Americas, and has taken part in shows in Western and Eastern Europe from England to Poland. He also has illustrated many books in French, published in Belgium and France, including texts by Jorge Luis Borges, Apollinaire, and Carlos Semprun.

Seguí’s work is in more than 70 public collections worldwide, including those of major museums, corporations, and universities in Latin America, the United States, Eastern and Western Europe, Iraq, and Japan.


Antonio Segui, Gente frente al mar, 2014
Antonio Segui, Solo nosotros, 2007
Antonio Segui, Todos a la calle, 2014
Antonio Segui, A la carga, 2011
Antonio Segui, Comunicando, 2012
Antonio Segui, Con Los Pies en la Tierra
Antonio Segui, Credulos
Antonio Segui, Paton, 2011
Antonio Segui, Tiron, 2011
Antonio Segui, Todos nerviosos, 2011