Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana, originally Robert Clark, is a seminal figure in the pop art movement. Born in Indiana 1928, for the first 17 years of his life, he was constantly moving between cities. After serving 3 years in the United States Army Air Force, Indiana went on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1949 – 1953, followed by the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine (summer 1953) and Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art (1953–54). He returned to settle in New York after his studies aboard. Indiana’s childhood was spent along busy highways, exposing him to neon signs and game machines from the roadside restaurants where his mother worked. As a source of inspiration he used the colours of his father's gasoline company truck—red and green, with the blue and white of the sky and clouds behind it. Indiana calls himself a sign painter, incorporating symbols, signs, letters and words throughout his art. His work has been inspired by old trade names, traffic signs, automatic amusement machines and commercial stencils. He has created poems, paintings, sculptures, silk screens and posters. Pieces by Indiana stem from not only symmetry, colour and form, but also content that addresses politics, religion and the human condition. Indiana has also done figurative painting, written poetry and collaborated on the film "EAT" with Andy Warhol. Indiana developed a very successful career making art out of simple, short words like eat, hug and peace and his most famous ‘LOVE’ sculpture was so popular it found its way to many cities around the world and was actually used as a stamp image by the US postal service. Robert Indiana is without a doubt one of America’s most famous living Pop artists today. Indiana’s bright vibrant and iconic sculptures grace museums and city spaces around the world. His paintings and prints are equally in demand and collected by art connoisseurs.

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