Mike Dargas in London


Mike Dargas in London

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Opera Gallery is delighted to introduce Mike Dargas to the London contemporary art scene.

Mike Dargas’ new series of portraits is a challenge to oil painting as we know it and a confirmation of his mastery of the photorealistic techniques. 

The German artist’s love for precision, in an almost obsessive manner, brings models to life under the brush stroke and draws one into a dreamlike world where time has suspended. His breath-taking large-scale portraits – all striking with their liveliness and expressionism – will transport the public into a world of intimacy and sensuality; and the lingering images of his paintings will stay with them well after they have viewed the exhibition. 

 Exhibition details:
MIKE DARGAS, Solo exhibition
Dates: 6 – 20 July, 2016
Address: Opera Gallery,134 New Bond Street, W1S 2TF London
Operning hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM; Sunday 12.00-5.00 PM
> All images and press enquiries: london@operagallery.com or +44(0)2074912999