Marc Chagall - Exhibition of masterpieces


Marc Chagall - Exhibition of masterpieces

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Opera Gallery is delighted to announce an exceptional exhibition of masterpieces by March Chagall in London this spring.

The exhibition will present a carefully curated selection of paintings and drawings by the Master of early modernism Marc Chagall, brought together in the London gallery for the first time to give our collectors and art lovers a deep understanding of the artist’s technique, colour mastering, and fantastical subjects and images.


Marc Chagall (1887-1985, Russian, French) is one of the most prolific and successful artists of the 20th Century, whose breadth of work spans almost every artistic medium, including painting, prints, stained glass, tapestries and book-making. He is considered one of the pioneering artists to cultivate Modernism. Chagall said, “If a symbol should be discovered in a painting of mine, it was not my intention. It is a result I did not seek. It is something that may be found afterwards, and which can be interpreted according to taste.” Marc Chagall’s art and technique, as well as his ability to convey striking images, gained him a quick recognition on the art market and among collectors. For example, in October 2010, the painting "Bestiaire et Musique" depicting a bride and a fiddler floating in a night sky amid circus performers and animals - subjects all very typical of Chagall’s work - sold for $ 4.1 million at an auction in Hong Kong, becoming the most expensive contemporary Western painting ever sold in Asia. The artist legacy in painting of image and use of colours defines Modernism in his artwork. Chagall’s paintings are held in high regard for their fantastical images and use of colour that undeniably define Modernism. The biggest art institutions in the world have, too, showed respect and recognition for his work. Indeed, his most-admired public works include the beautifully stained-glass windows for the synagogue of Hebrew University's Hadassah Medical Center (known as the Jerusalem Windows) (1962), the ceiling of the Paris Opera (1964) and the windows the Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims, France (1974). By the 1940s, Chagall was a well-known and established artist and in 1946, the Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited a painting retrospective of his works at that time.


Marc Chagall at Opera Gallery London: From May 22nd to June 4th 2014