Eduardo Guelfenbein & Matteo Sbaragli


Eduardo Guelfenbein & Matteo Sbaragli

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Figurative Anatomy & Chilean Abstraction Focus of New Opera Gallery Exhibition

The figurative anatomy of Matteo Sbaragli and the Chilean abstraction of Eduardo Guelfenbein will be the focus of the Opera Gallery Dubai’s exclusive December exhibitions.

Born in 1980, Sbaragli lives and works in Forli near Bologna in his native Italy. While the artist creates portraits, his unrivalled works are better described as representations of figurative anatomy. Consistently looking for a balance between the real and the imagined, Sbaragli uses rough brush strokes to create his paintings of faces, heads and hands.

“I often inspire myself with simple photography, the most common that’s possible. It’s not the subject that has to have strength in itself, but the art of painting,” Sbaragli said of his work. He graduated from art school in 2006 and created cultural group ‘Mandra’ with a group of friends in the same year. Sbaragli has been called ‘a figurative portraitist, who is completely infatuated with the human anatomy’ and one that is ‘interested in a pluralism of interpretations’. The artist has exhibited in Italy and the UK and will be making his Middle East debut at the Opera Gallery on 11th December 2012.

Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1953, Eduardo Guelfenbein’s abstract works dance fluidly over the canvas. Blending colours in thick, textured acrylic is his speciality and he often uses bare fingers to add extra depth to his pieces. After studying his discipline in the UK, Guelfenbein completed a Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy. Since 1975, the talented artist has been exhibiting across the world. His works have been shown in Italy, USA, Australia, France, Chile, Switzerland and the UK. Guelfenbein’s work has evolved in his long career. Applying varnish over the deep acrylic textures affords his paintings luminescence, which refract light effectively. Full colour palettes twist across his canvas in infinite patterns.