Lita Cabellut - A Chronicle of the Infinite

Opera Gallery New York

December 12 - December 26 2018



Opera Gallery New York

December 12 - December 26 2018

791 Madison Avenue NY 100‎65 New York

+1 646 707 3299

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Lita Cabellut's new series ‘A Chronicle of the Infinite’ captures a central theme of her body of work: the relationship between creation and decay in the process of human transformation.

In this series, she addresses the effects of time and experience whilst simultaneously undergoing the intellectual exercise of taking on new perspectives by literally breaking her figurative portraits and by creating an abstraction of the figurative elements of her work.

This series consists mostly of triptychs wherein one of the three pillars is a human portrait; the second one an abstract work based on the figurative painting; and, the last one, the destruction of the portrait. There are also diptychs that indicate variation between two out of the three pillars. As Cabellut states in her own words: “The figurative portrait is the skin, the abstract work are the muscles and the destruction piece symbolizes the skeleton.”

Lita Cabellut, Mi amigo artista, 2017

Mi amigo artista, 2017

Oil on Canvas . 215 x 145 cm | 84.6 x 57.1 in