Alfred Haberpointner Life Lines

Opera Gallery Miami

February 07 - February 22 2019



Opera Gallery Miami

February 07 - February 22 2019

151 NE 41St Street suite 131 FL 33137 Miami

+1 305 868 3337

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Alfred Haberpointner’s artworks offer a balance between mankind and nature.

Wood as a material is a vital conceptual component of his work. Trees remind the artist of his childhood spent in rural Austria. This deep rooted nostalgia provides a spirit or depth that underpins the formal aspect of work. The artist takes this material, and through the use of repetitive gesture, generates infinite variations of carving upon the surface of his ‘wall sculptures’. The artist evokes a state of contemplation and meditation, through what is ostensibly, an extremely active process. ‘Life Lines’ is the artist’s third exhibition with Opera Gallery, following successful presentations in both Dubai and Zurich. Haberpointner transforms living spruce trees into artworks: energy and matter are reborn and given a new life through his body and by his hands. With these lines, introduced on the surface of his creations, Haberpointner endows these objects with a transcendent reality.

We enthusiastically welcome Alfred Haberpointner to Miami for our first show of the year.

Alfred Haberpointner, W-UPPS, 2016

W-UPPS, 2016

Spruce wood, stain . 98 x 122 cm |

Alfred Haberpointner, W-XTZI, 2015

W-XTZI, 2015

Spruce wood, stain . 200 x 244 cm | 78.7 x 96.1 in