A graduate of Parsons School Of Design, New York City (recently named the best art and design school in the United States and second in the world, by the QS World University Rankings), John Helton displayed an extraordinary ability to create beautiful works of art in any medium and any style at a very early age. His father, also an artist, exposed John to the museums and galleries in New York City throughout his childhood. He was immediately drawn to the complex abstract ideas of Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, and Richard Serra, as well as Albert Einstein and theoretical physics. John Helton's elegant and dynamic bronze sculptures pay homage to the eternal.

His work is a celebration of the symphony of energy that is our world, a world that is infinitely connected and in constant motion. His sculptures are explorations of pattern, rhythm, and balance creating sculptures that seem to defy gravity and redefine space. There is a vibrancy to his work that has been described as "...spectacular..." and "...mesmerizing...”. His unique vision combined with impeccable craftsmanship is gaining him recognition as an important voice in contemporary sculpture.

His work is exhibited in public and private collections worldwide


John Helton, Balance In Motion, 2017
John Helton, Emanate, 2017
John Helton, Taking Flight, 2017