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Dutch Igloo


Reflecting Wilderness II


Reflecting Wilderness II

Dik Mus and Anke van Veen have been working together as artists from the day they met. They collaborate under the name Dutch Igloo. They share a fascination for peppers ghost technique (hologram projection) and museum diorama’s, both 19th century techniques for representing the world.

In their “Creating Wilderness” series, they combine physical dioramas with photography and digital image manipulation. With these technologies from three very different eras, they enlarge the miniature worlds they build in their studio to endless landscapes while preserving the complexity and beauty of the tangible nature. 

In these landscapes, clouds, fog and water flow into one another. There is no beginning and no ending. It is spontaneous and empty without being empty and full without being full. 

In that sense, "Creating Wilderness" is inspired by Chinese landscape painting. 

It refers to the origin of the world and the search for a new beginning. Not a paradise, but just a landscape filled with the potential of life. It does not attempt to make an exact representation of a topographical location, but rather to capture an emotion or an atmosphere in which the rhythm of nature was expressed. 

Creating wilderness tries to expand our narrow view of the world and our cosmos. The complexity of the endless wilderness challenges and provokes a person’s thinking process. 

The landscape is empty, there are no people, or even traces of people. There is no real focal point. There is no horizon, or visible plan. These landscapes are portals to a new beginnings. You can wander through the landscape, beyond the horizon. There is no map or navigation, this is a new starting point from where you can find your own way. From here you can discover a new world.

Previous works of Dutch Igloo has been included in the permanent collection of, amongst others: The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, Dordrechts Museum, Quasr al Hosn - Abu Dhabi, Vapriikki Finland.


Dutch Igloo, A Forest Axiom, 2019
Dutch Igloo, As If, 2019
Dutch Igloo, Chimera, 2019
Dutch Igloo, Reflecting Wilderness III, 2020
Dutch Igloo, Ruby Cluster, 2020
Dutch Igloo, The Quench, 2019