Umberto CICERI


Umberto Ciceri was born in 1961 in Milan, Italy. He studied at the Academy of Art and Fashion and Textile Design University in Milan. He currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. In 2007, after twenty-five years of personal research into the visual arts, neurophysiology, ocular biology and colour chemistry, Ciceri made his debut in to the art world. He produces kinetic, lenticular artworks.The movement of the observer’s body induces the movement of the image which in its turn induces the movement of the body, perception becomes an act where the eye and the brain co-ordinate with body motion. Ever changing circumstance regulate the uniqueness of the visual experience. Ciceri's personal blurring technique is the result of the painstaking practice of breaking down the focus of the images and then putting it back together in elementary colour patterns resulting in hypnotic, highly original works of art.

Available artworks

Umberto Ciceri, Shift n°1112
Umberto Ciceri, Ceremony n°499
Umberto Ciceri, Qualia n°685
Umberto Ciceri, Pollen recorded n°699
Umberto Ciceri, The beautiful wind series n°452
Umberto Ciceri, The beautiful wind series n°477
Umberto Ciceri, The beautiful wind series n°500
Umberto Ciceri, Alfa lights n°795
Umberto Ciceri, Female n°829
Umberto Ciceri, Pupil n°504
Umberto Ciceri, Visibilium N°1108