Michel Abboud


Michel Abboud

Michel Abboud is an artist and an architect based in New York.

He started his career by founding the award-winning architectural practice, SOMA. His designs have attracted critical acclaim for their boundary-pushing nature. Having earned a Masters in Architecture from the Columbia University, Michel built a reputation for provocative projects. Michel Abboud’s defiant no compromise stance, in terms of design, continuously raises the bar in the architecture sphere and has gained him respect among a loyal client base and fellow design professionals. His work is rising around the world today with remarkable offerings of projects that underscore his firm’s cutting edge appeal. 

He is known for designing the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York City, which further catapulted him into prominence, with one journalist dubbing him ‘the most controversial architect the US has known’. Such notoriety has led to a subsequent influx of invites as speaker and guest of honour at prestigious universities across the United States and Europe. Today, after winning numerous international awards, he is known for being one of the youngest architects to have designed a skyscraper in New York, at the age of 36, as well as a groundbreaking tower in Dubai.

In recent years he has shifted his career from architecture to art, a shift that began by his combining art and architecture through the creation of large-scale parametric sculptures in various urban and rural landscapes around the world. His solo show at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in New York in 2018 was entitled “Unfolded” and covered his recent paintings which are heavily influenced by his childhood in a war-torn environment. He uses high viscosity acrylic paint with no brushes and no knives - just his hands, while using the entire body as a tool to cover the large format canvases laid on the ground.

Available artworks

Michel Abboud, Angela
Michel Abboud, Digital Versicolor, 2019
Michel Abboud, Folded Black Gold, 2019
Michel Abboud, Impression Second Child, 2019
Michel Abboud, Papillon, 2019
Michel Abboud, Pixel Tree