Sung-hee CHO


Sung-hee  CHO

Sung Hee Cho was born in 1949 in Korea. 

In constructing the surface of her works, Sung Hee uses a collage method in which many circles are hand-cut or gently torn from traditional “hanji” paper, then layered with oil pigments and placed one atop another. Sung Hee successfully combines a traditional Korean sensibility with her unique vision and personal narrative. Her works explore the complex relationship between colour and texture through a labour intensive, time-consuming process.

Her works have been exhibited and collected in various prestigious private and public institutions including Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Sejong Art Centre in Seoul, Telentine Art Centre in Chicago, L.A. Korea Cultural Service, Los Angeles, New York Cultural Service, Mutual Saving and Finance Company in Seoul and Domino Foods, Inc, New York.

Available artworks

Sung-hee  Cho, Blue Blossom, 2019
Sung-hee  Cho, Gold Blossoms with Gold Stars, 2019
Sung-hee  Cho, Green Blossoms with Pink Stars, 2019
Sung-hee  Cho, Happy Blossoms with Lovely Stars, 2019
Sung-hee  Cho, Red Blossoms B, 2019