Through his artistic approach, Pascal Haudressy, a French artist of Tatar origin, aims for an intimate relationship between content and form. As a former cultural project manager for UNESCO, Haudressy has met major figures in art, architecture, sociology, philosophy, literature and science. He launched the ‘Flags of Tolerance’ project, in collaboration with Rauschenberg, Matta and Hunderstwasser. Haudressy’s work explores the blank space between painting, sculpture and video. The artist has pioneered a new image format that forensically focuses on the nature of movement, materiality and immateriality, exploring mutations of our world, in which biological and virtual life forms coexist. The screen is as much a veil as a surface where images reveal themselves. In this ‘idea-experience’, images, shadows, light, surface materials and movement form a continuum where virtual and physical spaces interact and merge. Haudressy is inspired by his ancestral ties to Uzbekistan and notably by the ornamental traditions of Samarkand Art. The twists of moving motifs give birth to a flux of images that endlessly reconfigure themselves in a constant characteristic of his own work. Haudressy visually draws in the calculated qualities of science and the alchemy of myth, from the Orient to the Occident. His work has notably featured in the Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium and in the Espace Vuitton, Paris, France.