Speedy Graphito

Olivier Rizzo, better known by his alias Speedy Graphito, is a pioneer of the French Street Art movement. Born in Paris in 1961, he worked briefly as a graphic designer and art director, before beginning his career in street art in the 1980s. By the late 1990s, his unique brand of street art was exhibited in art galleries across Europe. His powerful, innovative style has left a mark on the collective memory of a whole generation. Speedy Graphito’s colourful graffiti art draws from our shared visual culture to turn a critical eye on contemporary society. His works are populated by dynamic characters from popular culture – from Disney cartoons and video games, to Japanese manga and 1950s Americana – as well as corporate logos and trademarks. With humour and panache, he puts into his own perspective the specific relationship people have with the images that saturate our everyday lives.