Laurence Jenkell

Born in Bourges, France in 1965, Laurence Jenkell is famous for using candy in her sculptures not only in France but in China and throughout Pacific Asia. Jenkell studied at the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Cannes painting composites, landscapes and portraits. Later, freed from academic life, Jenkell was inspired by fashion and industrial design, succeeding in integrating contemporary consumerism and industrial images and patterns into her work. 

As a result of her studying color for so many years, Jenkell now masters a large range of bright, splendid, acidulous hues. Her work is twisted, lined and smoothly trimmed: transforming itself into new textures and forms. Jenkell’s sculptures depart from typical standards of candy sizes, with certain pieces measuring more than one meter. To start, the artist blows up pocket-sized candy into a gigantic sweet, taking us off-guard while stimulating the viewer’s imagination

Jenkell’s never-ending power of imagination leads the viewers down a road of happiness and joy that reminds people all over the world of their favorite candy experiences. Moreover, the artist's work stimulates purity and positivity through such childhood memories. Her work has been purchased by private collectors in France and across Europe and is on display in the Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta, USA and the Beijing Sunshine Museum in China. Her works have also been used in public exhibitions, such as the Monaco Street Art Festival and at a special exhibition at the Lenôtre Pavillon in Paris.

  • Arabesque



    January 29, 2016 - March 13, 2016