John Helton

John Helton is best known for his dramatic abstract bronze sculptures. His unique approach to the bronze medium allows him to create fluid forms balancing in a way that seem to defy gravity. “Everything is connected and everything is in motion. This dynamic creates an ever evolving rhythm and balance. My sculptures are a celebration of the profound elegance and beauty of what can seem like only arbitrary chaos.” - John Helton Born in 1964, Helton has always had a natural talent for art and a deep curiosity about science and nature. Growing up in the New York Metropolitan area he was exposed throughout his childhood to the galleries and museums of NYC. A graduate of Parson’s School Of Design in NYC, Helton mastered his craft creating one-of-a-kind works in wood. During this time he explored the interaction between waves, planes, and parallels. As his work evolved, he began to work exclusively in bronze because of the timeless beauty and durability of the material. Motion, balance, and rhythm have become major themes of his current work. His sculptures are in public and private collections worldwide. Among his accolades and publications, his sculpture Crossing Paths was awarded the SOFA Select Award in Chicago in 2015 and his sculpture Chorus has been recently acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Australia for their permanent collection. John Helton’s bronze sculptures, all unique, are a dramatic and elegant expression of the symphony of energy that is our world.