Jean-François Larrieu

Jean-François Larrieu was born on 28th February 1960 in Tarbes (high Pyrénées). He is a self-taught artist who is living and working in Paris.

Larrieu is President of the “Paris Autumn Show” (Salon d’Automne de Paris) and Vice President of the Government affiliated “Federation of Graphic and Plastic Arts Associations”.
The artist elaborates through his oil paintings ramifications which starts from a basic point and then progresses like a semi-conscious exploration; his hand, likens to an antennae drawing from the creative cosmos and delivers the genius.
The result is exotic cities filled with wonderfully rich architecture steadily rising up and then spreads itself across the land of canvas with amazing constructions of onion-shaped domes, minarets and cupolas.
For Larrieu, imagination is the rule of the game. Furthermore the combinations are all the more variable according to the angle from which the master’s painting is observed.
Through his paintings, Larrieu invites us to join him on a fabulous journey into his magical cities where Roman and Gothic porches; Baroque palaces, the China of Marco Polo as well as the Venice of Casanova are strongly reminiscent.
When the painted cities on canvas is near completion, the artist ingeniously conjures into being an emblematic figure, which oft most is an animal.
The beauty and elegance of Larrieu’s paintings will bring forth from the audience certain appreciation; where the meanders are different, the cities enchanting and the journey is never the same every time.


Since 1982: Salon d’Automne, Salon Comparaison, Figuration critique

1989: International Contemporary Art Fair, Helsinki
International Contemporary Art Prize, Monté Carlo
Arturo Lopez Centre: Les Pleïades, Neuilly sur Seine
Palais de Pise - Figuration critique (Representational Art appreciation), Pise

1990 Galerie Magna, New York

1991 Dimension Art Centre Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Santillana Foundation, Santander
Galerie LM, Epernay
Guest of 8th Salon d’Automne, Thorigny sur Marne
Musée d’Art Contemporain - Figurative critique, Moscow
Musée d’Art Contemporain - Figurative critique, Leningrad
(Museum of Contemporary Art)

1992 Les Peintres de demain Galerie Dyan Coquant, Lyon

1993 Galerie Le Breton, Paris
Sélection du Salon d’Automne, Château de Joinville
Ecole Polytechnique Salon, Palaiseau
Salon de l’Insica, Toulouse
Salon d’Angers, Angers
Calli Duphar, Berne
Musée Sursock, Beyrouth

1994 Musée d’Art Moderne Lleno - France Japan - L’art actuel, Tokyo
Temple Josenji - L’art actuel, Tokyo
Musée Informel Nakagawamura - L’art actuel, Tokyo
Salon Européen d’art contemporain, Saint Brisson sur Loire
Salon d’art contemporain, Batz sur Mer
Galerie La Palette, Lorient
Salon d’Angers, Angers
7th exposition du Château du Croc, Orléans

1995 Musée National des Beaux Arts - L’art actuel, Shanghai
Galerie l’Hippocampe, St. Jean Cap Ferrat

1996 Musée des Beaux Arts de Montbard
Galerie l’Hippocampe, St. Jean Cap Ferrat
1st Biennale Internationale des Arts, Rosny sous Bois

1997 Galerie Fandel, Le Touquet - France
Panorama de l’Art Vivant-Automne, Paris
Musée des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux
Invite d’honneur Marie du 4th district Townhall, Paris
Bordeaux Galerie Imagine
Exposition de Groupe Japan - Osaka; Tokyo; Sapporo;
Daimaru magazines
World contract with Opera Gallery
Opera Gallery, Paris
Opera Gallery, Singapore

1998 Foire de Géneve
Opera Gallery, Singapore

  • Impression of Singapore

    Impression of Singapore


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