Feng Zhengjie

FENG ZHENG JIE, transponding disposable sentiments through his contemporary art and his art gallery.
Feng Zhengjie (born 1968, Sichuan Province, China) is a contemporary artist based in Beijing.  Originally a high-school and college contemporary art teacher in Sichuan, he came to Beijing in 1995. His best-known work is his Portrait of China contemporary art series, very large Warhol-style oil portraits, in a red/turquoise palette, of Chinese fashion model faces with vacant diverging eyes .Critics view his work as a critique of contemporary consumer society His early art gallery were inspired by 1930s Shanghai posters.
His most recent contemporary art’s work is based on the red and green of traditional Chinese New Year artZhengzie Art Gallery is influence by promotional imagery.
Zhengjie has art gallery exhibited internationally in many shows including Dialogue With Asia at Vika art Gallery in Oslo, the 2002 Korea Contemporary Art Festival in Seoul, China Femmes de Chine at Veronique Maxe art Gallery in Paris, Primary Colors at the Singapore Art gallery in Singapore and New Perspectives in Chinese Painting at Marella art Gallery in Milan. He is represented by Goedhuis Contemporary art in London, New York and Beijing art gallery Reminiscent of Warhol’s screen printed celebrities.


1992 Graduated from Fine Arts Education Dept., Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
1995 Took a M.A at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
1995 Teacher at the Fine Arts Department of Beijing Institute of Education